Service Packages

Need to retool your brand system? Or some out-of-the-box concepts for a new campaign? Maybe you need help aligning stakeholders behind a new direction? We have various packages to suit your needs. Engagements can last from a few hours to a few weeks or months depending on your needs.



Brand Management

Your brand is never done. After it’s born into the world, customers change, competition fluctuates and your offering evolves. You need a partner who can assist in endearing the hearts and minds through strategic and impactful design solutions. We consider your equity and balance consistency with evolving trends, behaviors and platforms to help you stay on top.

  • Identity System Refresh

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Template Design

  • Website Refresh

  • Campaigns

  • Ongoing/Retainer Support


Brand Renovations/Build

Your new brand is making way, but you realize it’s furnished with college dorm furniture. Is it time to update your wardrobe and decor (aka brand identity system) and elevate the experience to the next level? We help growing brands renovate or to build their dream brand without losing your equity. We consider your core vision and translate it beyond just a logo.

  • Brand Vision Workshops

  • Positioning & Platforms

  • Naming / URL registration

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Identity System

  • Collateral

  • Brand Guidelines


Creative Operations Consulting

Having issues with burnout, motivation or turnover? Needing to streamline internal processes and improve communications?  You need help to develop strategic programs, policies and processes to keep your staff motivated, engaged and working efficiently. I have over 15 years experience managing and mentoring creative teams. I can help you build a thriving and dynamic in-house creative ecosystem.

  • 1-on-1 Counseling

  • Stakeholder Audit/Interviews

  • Brainstorm / Critique Augmentation

  • Team / Resource Assessment

  • Cross-functional Tranining

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A to Z Services

While we specialize in strategic brand consulting, We can also execute well-crafted designs across many touch points.



Brand Strategy
Marketing Plans

Due Diligence Research
URL registration
Social Media profiles

Brand Identity Design
Identity System
Brand Systems

Brand Management
Brand Guidelines
Template Design
Presentation Design


Site Planning
Content Mapping
User Workflows
Sitemap Architecture

User Testing

Web Design
Look and Feel
Landing Page Design
UI design

Website Development
Squarespace Customization
Shopify Customization
Wordpress Sites

Social Media
Banner Ads
Social Media Imagery
Animated GIFs


Advertising Print Design
Campaign Concepting
Art Direction
Magazine and Newspaper
Direct Mail

Publication Design
Book Covers
Page Layout
Corporate Sustainability Reports

Business Communications
Business Cards
Sales Brochures


Template Design
Google Slides

Pitch/Proposal Consulting
Content Strategy
Slide Design
Image Search

Data Visualization
Charts, Diagrams



Trust the Process

Design is not what makes something look good, it is a process. It’s getting from where you are now, to where you want to be. Design is intention made visible.




After you fill out our form, I will get in touch to review your needs. Together we’ll define the scope, timeline and final budget. You’ll receive a final proposal with contract terms. With a signature to approve, and a 50% deposit we get cranking.

  • Initial Consultation

  • Proposal / Contract





I begin in a crash course in learning about you and your product, services, employees, partners, clients, customers, market. I audit where you’ve been and talk about where you want to go. I investigate your competition. I ask a lot of questions.

  • Brand Audit

  • Interviews

  • Competitive Research





Together we develop a Strategy or a Roadmap with an end destination in mind. We won’t have every stop charted, but a general purpose and goal of what we want to achieve and how we will measure success in the end. This will be our foundation for designing the solution to your business needs.

  • Vision Workshop

  • Brand Strategy and/or Roadmap

  • Marketing Plan

  • Brand Brief





This is where the visual manifestation occurs. We sketch, concept and prototype idea after idea until we have a sound range of options to present. Together we narrow and refine until we are all certain we have made the right solution.

  • Presentation of 2-3 design options

  • Mockups showing design in context

  • 2 rounds of refinement





Throughout the process we will test each solution, notion, idea to ensure it is flexible, pragmatic and delivers no matter the browser, the viewer or the interpretation. We will refine as we disaster check.

  • Quantitative/Qualitative Research

  • User Testing

  • Prototyping

  • Quality Assurance





Beyond delivering final artwork files, I can assist in working with printers, fabricators, programmers, architects. I can help train your internal teams to adopt the new brand guidelines. I can consult on how to unveil your new brand into the world.

  • Production Coordination & Oversight

  • Brand Launch

  • Website Launch

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Employee Training


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No such thing as a dumb question



How are you different from other designers?
We realize you can find cheap design on Upworks, 99designs, Fiverr. We’re not competing to design a logo or presentation. We’re best suited as a strategic partner to help push your brand and deliver exceptional design.

What is a typical client? Who is your sweet spot?
I work best with well-funded startups and growing brands. Typically they have already launched a website and have been out in the world for at least a year or more. They range are at least $2 million and under $100 million in annual revenue. Bigger than that and you will probably have your own in-house team or can afford a larger agency.

Am I going to like you? Check out my testimonials. Visit my personal portfolio site to see some success stories. Set up a free consult call an we can see if there’s any chemistry.

I’ve never worked with a designer before, is that a problem? Absolutely not. I enjoy working with design virgins. I learn about your industry and you’ll learn about branding and design.

Does it matter where we are located?
You can be located virtually anywhere and we can still service your needs. I employ tools like Skype, Slack and Google Suite to collaborate over screens and keep in touch. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person!


Will you work on smaller projects like a presentation? I am happy to start somewhere. Sometimes these small projects turn into long-term relationships.

Can you do large scale websites? I have designed websites that are custom-built, e-commerce, Wordpress, etc. I am best suited to help you customize Squarespace (like this one), Shopify and Wix sites. However I have partners for Wordpress.

Can you handle large projects? I am able to scale to meet your needs. If we assess the need for a 20-person team I can propose a team or partner to make it happen. I have a network of experienced and skilled designers, writers, strategists and programmers.

How about printing?
I can manage the printing process with either your existing vendors or recommend vendors. I spec work, obtain quotes, prepare files, press check for a small fee. Printer costs are billed directly without mark-up.


How can I be sure I’ll like what you do?
First check out my roster of satisfied clients and view samples of work. I work to have satisfied clients. In order to do that we spend time up front discussing your goals and vision and develop a creative brief so we are both on the same page.

How long will this take?
It all depends. Based on the scope, the deliverables, your decision process (how many stakeholders), do we need to test, production timelines, etc. But after we discuss, I can provide an estimate and we work hard to meet deadlines. We also offer accelerated fees for rush projects.


How do you price? I believe in transparency so we don’t waste each other’s time. I’ve listed general fees for most services. With a defined scope I can offer a project flat fee or consulting rate. Any additional work not covered in the contract will be billed separately and not commence until you approve. For more on this check out my blog on pricing.

How about consulting or contract work? I’m available for consulting gigs and long-term contract gigs. Check out my rates here. Please note the consulting/contract rates are different from design/production rates.

Do you work on retainer?Absolutely! If you think you’ll have a wide variety of projects on a steady basis you can secure my time for a 3-6 month contract. With a set fee, I’ll dedicate a certain amount of hours. And just like your Verizon minutes, they will carry over month to month if you don’t use them.

What are payment terms?
Depending on the project fees we ask for ⅓ to 50% to get started. For short-term projects I will ask for the balance before releasing final files. For long-term projects I bill equal monthly installments for the remainder. I accept checks, and Paypal and Wire transfers but will add a fee to cover the transaction fees. For early payments and BACS I offer a discount of 1%.

Do you trade services for equity?
I’m not the Shark Tank. I need money honey.

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