Should You Renovate that Starter Brand or Build Your Dream Brand?

Startups typically don’t have the budget to invest in a well-designed brand identity. They will get a logo made for $100 or less and make it work. Similar to a starter home it does the job of providing a visual shelter to the product or service and helps them focus on improving other aspects of the brand - the service, the finances, the business itself.

But as they grow, it becomes apparent the brand identity needs to be improved. Sales materials just don’t seem polished. Employees begin to go rogue using different color palettes, typography, making their own powerpoint templates. Competitors are looking more credible, or maybe too similar. They have outgrown that starter brand.

The choices are to renovate your existing brand with maybe some add-ons like a new website, or brand guidelines. Or you invest in a proper brand redesign (a dream home) and build it to last for years to come. Both require a skilled brand architect to plan the process, design and build the new system.

The Brand Renovation

Just like the shag rugs from the 70s, or brass fixtures from the 80s- things go out of style. It happens to brands too. Every decade or so, it’s time to revisit your brand and refresh the wardrobe of typography, color palette, imagery and templates.

This is where we help you update, evolve or extend your identity. We start by auditing how you’re brand lives today. We assess what’s working and what needs improvement. We look at your neighbors and make sure your brand stands out on the block. Brand Renovations can range from a simple update to the color palette to refining your logo. This is typically where we also build an add-on– a website, packaging for a new product. The key is to record every new change back into an updated (or new) Brand Guidelines. This will ensure your people and partner don’t F it up!

The Dream Brand

For brands that have never gone through a Brand Strategy or Vision process, this is a great place to start. It’s where we help you develop your brand story, your positioning, your promise. This is the gestalt of what makes your brand experience unique and different from the pack. It’s where we may tweak and optimize your tagline, your voice. It’s building a proper foundation to support a brand that can withstand future disasters.

Next, we would explore how to interpret your brand personality or brand archetype into a new brand identity system. Like decor in a house, we have color, imagery, typography, and voice to mix together to create a cohesive and dynamic brand experience that you will live in for years to come. A proper redesign takes many months (6 or more) and should impact everything from business cards to signs, mugs, etc. Since this is quite an investment you will want to make sure the rebrand will be accepted. We can work with you to test it out, and to ensure the execution is flawless.

When you’re ready to move-in, we help launch the new dream brand to your staff. It’s important for them to understand what this all means, and why the rebranding occurred. We can help train your staff on the new Brand Guidelines, and how to manage the CMS for the website. We will be showing everyone around to know how the appliance works and turn over the keys.

How long will these last?

Branding is never done. You have to manage it daily. You have to ensure your staff abides by the Guidelines. Like any decor expect a renovation in time. Things get outdated and styles go out of fashion in time. Your business may change too, and new technologies come along. Think about brands before social media? You constantly need to adapt. A well designed logo should  remain timeless, but your color palette and typography might need a facelift form time to time.

Interested in renovating an existing brand or building your dream brand? Let’s talk.