What’s with that name, Zhuzh? How do you even say it?

When helping clients name their brand, I always advise considering pronunciation. Don’t make it challenging. Find a word or phrase that is brief and has an available URL. The name should give customers an intro into understanding what you are about, but doesn’t need to be literal. It should conjure a feeling and guide your brand experience.

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Zack Shubkagel
Should You Renovate that Starter Brand or Build Your Dream Brand?

Startups typically don’t have the budget to invest in a well-designed brand identity. They will get a logo made for $100 or less and make it work. Similar to a starter home it does the job of providing a visual shelter to the product or service and helps them focus on improving other aspects of the brand - the service, the finances, the business itself.

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The Uberization of Graphic Design

We once believed the Creative Services industry was secure from the innovations of Silicon Valley. We saw inklings of attempts to breach our ramparts a decade ago– crowd-sourcing, AI, machine-learning. We dismissed each venture with confidence that professionalism would prevail. A lot of good that did!

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